University of Michigan - Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Core I Studio
Critic: Joel Schmidt
Year: 2011

Exhibited Spree Taubman College Student Showcase
Awarded Studio Citation

Capturing the Blur

Indeterminacy and ambiguity are conditions that suggest possibilities as opposed to fixed meanings. Shifting authorship from the maker to the audience, they invite speculation and engage viewers tangentially.

Capturing the Blur is an 11 week project made up of three smaller intensive studies, all of which focus on creating both conceptual and perceptual “blurry space”. First two studies explore positive/negative form making through ambiguities in haptic masking and perceptions of kinetic forms. The third study theorizes on the possibilities of creating an inhabitable space from Study 1 and Study 2. The program here is a stop motion cinematography museum that takes on a labyrinthine framework, winding six separate pathways throughout the structure.

Blurry photographs and Concept Models: middle photograph is used to begin formal investigations by layering on white solid and carving out positive/negative space.

Sequential project development, from 2D surface through planarly articulated space, to negative and casted space, to framed and clad space. 

Blurry space re-imaged through architectural program and aritculation, before cladding with exposed circulation on left, and after cladding on right.
8” x 12” x 16”, piano wire, solder, basswood, acrylic

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