Harvard Graduate School of Design VIS 0224
Critic: Andrew Witt
Year: 2013

Collaborator: Patrick Burke


Proto-surface focuses on mathematically controlling surfaces to create both space and aperture inspired by the work of mathematicians and sculptors such as Alan Schoen, Peter Pierce, and Antoine Pvesner. The project began with one single sphere as a means of creating geodesics for a medial surface instantiation. These three geodesics were then scaled and rotated about a single axis to derive an intricate and woven medial surface.

The modularity of these voids and their ability to connect through parametrically controlled transformations such as mirroring and rotating was then explored. The final surface uses eight aggregations of the single unit, yet can expand indefinitely. The individual faces of the final surface were exploded and offset individually to create a shingle-like surface which emphasizes the concave or convex curvature of the surface.

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