University of Michigan - Penny Stamps School of Art & Design
Advanced Studio Topic, Sustainable Form Design
Critic: Jan Henrik Anderson
Year: 2011

Semantics of Objects

Semantics of Objects consists of two projects from one studio focusing on the semantics of design for the contemporary condition. Project 1: Naturalizing Energy focuses on ways to inspire less energy usage through intervening at the source: the outlet. A connection between nature and electricity is evoked through outlet covers that close and turn off the electricity, reducing “vampire energy”.  Project 2: Salt and Pepper proposes a language of delicacy and respect for food through the form of Salt and Pepper shakers. Translating the narrative of the origins, facts, and fiction surrounding the spices, a form is created that changes the way the user interacts with the spices to a more delicate and respectful action. Ten pairs of porcelain salt and pepper shakers are pulled from one plaster cast mold and individually fit to walnut bases.

Salt and Pepper shakers - porcelain slip cast forms (set 7 of 10) in walnut base .

Renshape high density foam mock up used to create the plaster negative for slip casting, and renshape milled mockups for naturalizing electricity fullscale models. 

Naturalizing Electricity outlet cover - renshape high density foam (set 1 of 8 shown at top). Through a subtle form cognizant of human factors and environmental concerns, a language of consciousness, knowledge, and awareness is shaped.

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