University of Michigan - Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Visual Studies 218
Critic: Dawn Gilpin
Year: 2010

Translating Orations

Translating Orations focuses the translation of printed and spoken narratives into drawing.

Gnarly Blue Heron. 25” x 32”
mixed media: graphite, letraset, contecrayon, collage

Gnarly Blue Heron is a translation of an orated story by peer Charles Veneklase in which, on the way home from a family trip, his father struck a Blue Herring with the family’s 1981 Station Wagon. Translations from this story focus on the difference between what is discursive thought and what is a constructed fantasy of the mind

Visibility. 56” x 23” mixed media: graphite, collage, contecrayon, letraset

Visibility focuses on a reading by Italo Calvino centering on incastic form, the individual imagination, and spontaneous images vs. discursive thought.

The Fall. 17” x 25”
mixed media: graphite, collage, contecrayon, letraset

The Fall is a translation of the first chapter of Alice in Wonderland, following the fast and the slow moments of her fall down the rabbit hole.

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